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Puppy Training Made Simple

Puppy Training Book By Steve Stokes

Puppy Training Made Simple

For over 50 years Steve has owned, trained and worked a variety of dogs both privately and professionally.

As a former police dog instructor and current dog club owner since 1990, arguably there is no-one better placed to advise on how to train a puppy.

There are many publications that give guidance on dog training, but this book is an easy read that simplifies a very broad subject.

Steve Stokes

Steve served thirty years in London's Metropolitan Police before retirement in 2001. For two decades he specialised as a police dog handler, and later qualified as a National Home Office instructor. As a senior staff member of the Metropolitan Police Dog Training School in Kent, he progressed to become acknowledged as one of the country's leading narcotics and explosives search dog trainers. Since leaving the police service Steve has been commissioned for police/customs dog selection and training by both UK and International Agencies.

Steve established the dog training club in 1990 and during that time thousands of puppies have benefitted. He is now in full-time self employment as an instructor and behaviourist dog trainer, with a unique style and versatility in training methods. In order to remain current as both an instructor and handler, Steve also works his own dog at major events in the specialist discipline of explosives search.

Bill Melvin

Bill Melvin studied at Liverpool School of Art before joining Gaumont British Studios as a trainee film animator under the auspices of David Hand (top Disney Director of Snow White and Bambi). David appointed Bill as a character designer and this led to animation work on the first British full-length cartoon film 'Animal Farm' as well as various shorts.

Later he entered the world of children's comics, and for several years drew many well known TV characteres including Dr. Who, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, Bill and Ben, Space Patrol and many more. He then created a cartoon strip satirizing the American television soaps, Dallas and Dynasty, which was bought by the Daily Mail and given the star treatment under the title 'The Soapremes'. Latterly Bill drew the world famous cartoon strip 'The Perishers' that appeared in a UK national newspaper the Daily Mirror until the series ended in 2006.

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  • Puppy Training Made Simple
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  • Puppy Training Made Simple illustration
  • Puppy Training Made Simple illustration
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