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Dog Training Bromley

Steve Stokes is a Dog Trainer & Behaviourist and Author of Puppy Training Made Simple

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Steve Stokes completed thirty years exemplary Police Service, culminating in his last seven years as a Home Office Accredited Instructor at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment at Keston in Kent. As an instructor was responsible for the training of a variety of breeds for numerous disciplines, including patrol dogs, explosive and narcotic search dogs.

Steve competed successfully with both of his German shepherd dogs at national police dog trials and civilian working trials and with his police dog Yorrick was the Metropolitan Police champion handler for three consecutive years.

Steve retired from the police in 2001 and has since been employed all over the world as a recognised authority on dog training. Contracts have resulted in Steve travelling to Europe, the Middle East and South Africa to evaluate training methods.

Steve is currently engaged in training and working search dogs for major public events.

Steve's passion for dogs is reflected in his enthusiasm for his pet dog club which he founded in 1990. Michael Stokes has been assisting with the club for the past 4 years, and has recently achieved 5th place in the National Patrol Dog competition run by Nasdu. Both Steve and Michael are responsible for the training at Crofton Oak, and this is reflected in the improvement of both dogs and their owners over the six week courses.